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I was born in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, to an American father and a Cuban mother.  I started my restless upbringing first by getting evacuated during the Cuban Missile Crisis with my family. With the crisis averted, we moved  to Germany then Spain, where I spent most of my formative years. 

I moved to the U.S. at eighteen to attend college where I  completed a BS in Cinema and Photography from Southern Illinois University.  A  few frivolous decisions later and I ended up as a photo assistant in Boston until finally arriving in Austin in 1990 when I opened  a still life and product photography studio. My client list included everyone from The New York Times to Whole Foods, shooting everything from iconic aging rock stars to frozen broccoli until  I began specializing in photo-illustration.
I started teaching as an adjunct at ACC in 1995 and then joined as a full time faculty member in 2011. 

I have an intrinsic belief that everything that can be learned can be taught.
When not teaching, I enjoy being cold, hungry and tired in the outdoors.

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